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Electric Valve Actuators

The best electric valve actuators are trustworthy, reliable and dependable. Drive Line INC chooses these electric valve actuators based on speed, safety and efficiency. Therefore you can be sure that when you invest in any of these actuators, you are going to the quickest operating and safest machines available in the market.

Drive Line Inc offers good quality valve actuators, each of which is physically protected against the harsh environmental conditions you probably operate in. If you so desire, we can also supply these systems with water- proof and explosion- proof housing, further assuring you that they will not easily be put down by prevailing conditions.

In case of power failures, you can also operate these electric valve actuators manual, in much the same way as the typical manual valve actuators. However, you should consider investing in an emergency power backup. These can be assembled together with the quarter- turn valve actuators to ensure that your operations do not stall when there are frequent blackouts.

The three things we look out for before we supply an electric valve actuator include their fail- safety, explosion- and weather proof nature. This is because we seek to be the best supplier of reliable and durable electric valve actuators in the Canadian and the North American market.

Types of Electric Valve Actuators

Drive Line also offers the widest variety of electric actuator systems with different output speeds, horsepower ratings and frame sizes. We can also tailor these systems to meet your specific applications and requirements.

Our electric valve actuators are selected depending on application requirements for valve shaft diameters, operating time, torque and voltage. Each product is designed to include louver drivers, quarter turn dampers, butterfly valves, plugs and tor balls.

Some of these electric valve actuators can handle both multi- turn and quarter- turn applications across the broadest of torque ranges. They use either single- phase or three- phase power.

On the other hand, you can select electric valve actuators that provide electronic systems specially designed to monitor and control the operation of your flow selectors.

There are also electric valve actuators which offer different output speeds, horsepower ratings and frame sizes. We are ready to tailor these systems to meet your unique applications.

Overall, as a leading expert in the industry, you can rely on us to supply the best electric valve actuators at affordable and reasonable prices. For more information, please get in touch through our friendly customer service / Contact Us portal.



Some electric valve actuators have a manual controller
Posted by: Mark C. | March 15, 2014, 11:33 am
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