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How Motorized Valve Actuators Increase Workplace Safety and Environmetal Friendliness

Operating a Motorized Valve with an Actuator

To operate a motorized valve, it’s absolutely necessary to have an actuator. This actuator enables a device that uses any source of power to operate the valve you have. The source of power can be from a manual gearbox, small electronic device with state-of-the-art controls, man power, or even other measuring gears. Micro-circuitry has greatly improved and for this reason actuators are now more sophisticated – hence motorized valve actuators. The traditional valve actuators are equipped with an ordinary geared motor with position sensing switches but that is all. The modern valve actuators, though, have more sophisticated capacities which operate in ways more than just opening and closing. Now, automotive valve actuators can also determine the health status of a valve and it can deliver predictive maintenance data when repair and maintenance are needed.

Reduced Work Efforts & Manual Labor

Motorized valve actuators make efforts and manual labour since automation was adhered in different industries. With machines and automatic controls, workloads are less and production has gone up. This eases the work environment that demanded more valve actuators that deliver interface between the control intelligence and the physical activities of valves. These modern actuators also increase safety and are environmentally friendly. There are work areas that are very harmful but motorize valve actuators can work in challenging environments and make it easier and highly manageable.

The Basics of Motorized Valve Actuators

A motorized valve employs electric motor for the opening and closing of a particular mechanism. With the many types of valves on the market, motorized valves are very much suited for larger versions such as those used in agricultural irrigation, remote fluid control applications like for aircraft deicing and heavy tasks like automated fire suppression. Other forms include ball, butterfly and gate valves. Motorized valve actuators are also suited for remote flow control applications like controlling dams and flood control mechanisms. The mechanism that controls fluid of motorized valves is like manual valves although only they differ in actuation inputs.


During emergencies, motorized valves crate a safe environment in that workers and employees need not get close to the valves. They have remote control so when catastrophes and damages happen, they can be minimized out of harm’s way. Ease of valve control and maneuver is also reduced in settings of high pressures and large line sizes. In such circumstance, an advanced and motorized valve can be highly advantageous.

Before setting the valve in automatic option, make sure that the valve is capable of such application. Take note that an automated process has special demands and if the unit is not capable of sudden change or modernization, the facility could break and obtain damages. To ensure that the facility or valve type can handle automatic or motorized applications, have an expert or qualified mechanic to check the facility. Make sure he is licensed and has met the standards given by the local licensing body in your area.

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