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Important Things You Must Know About Industrial Caliper Brakes

Industrial caliper brakes are significant devices that should be properly maintained by every car owner and driver. Basically, these devices are the components responsible for the actual stopping or slowing the car. Brake calipers work by means of squeezing the brake disc of the car’s wheel. If these devices are worn out or they begin to leak fluid, you should have serviced and repaired immediately, as faulty industrial caliper brakes may compromise the efficiency of your braking system.

How do they work?

When you step on the brake pedals, the brake fluid will be put under pressure, which would allow the fluid to push itself against the brake calipers’ pistons. With this force, the brake calipers get squeezed, and would lead to pushing the brake pads to the brake disc, resulting to your car slowing down or braking. Brake calipers are practically found on all vehicles with modern and sophisticated front braking systems. In some cars, these components are found on the rear’s disc brakes.

Are they vulnerable to wear and tear?

As with other components of your car, industrial caliper brakes would need some maintenance and service at some point of time. Keep in mind that these components are constantly exposed to wear and tear. While most of these components are made out of durable and high-grade materials, brake calipers are not meant to last forever.

  • Since industrial caliper brakes have moving components, there is always a risk that friction could cause your car’s brake lines to excessively wear and eventually break. If your brake caliper start to leak your brake fluid, these components won’t be able to build the adequate amount of pressure to push the caliper’s piston against the brake pads, to put the car to a halt. Keep in mind that your brake lines help transport the brake fluids.

Whenever your brake calipers are showing some signs of leaking, make sure to have them replaced or rebuilt.  A braking system with leaking brake fluids is not only dangerous to you and passengers, but it can do harm to pedestrians and other drivers as well. Moreover, it can cause costly damages to structures and other properties.

  • Each brake caliper has a couple of pads that are made up of a metal shoe with a riveted lining. If the pad’s lining gets worn out, this metal shoe will get in contact with the rotor or disc, which may damage the disc and disrupt the braking system’s performance and efficiency. As a car owner, you should check the pads of your brake caliper for any signs of wear on a regular basis.

How to fix them?

Checking your brake calipers as well as diagnosing its problems can be done on your own with just a few pieces of equipment. However, when the time comes for you to replace or repair them, it is wise that you hire a professional and qualified mechanic. Not only do mechanics have the right tools to fix the problem, but they also have a vast amount of knowledge in repairing and maintaining these components. Furthermore, professional mechanics know where to get good and affordable deals for industrial caliper brakes.  

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