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The Proficient And Reliable Industrial Clutches Of Hiliard

Industrial clutches are frictional components whose main function is to intermittently transmit power. Basically, this frictional device is used to pair and disconnect two different entities of rotation. For the most part, these two different entities are consisted of a motor, prime over, sprockets, gears, and shafts. An industrial clutch is powered by driving components like generators, gearboxes, compressors, power take-off shafts, fans and pumps.

When it comes to providing superior and durable industrial clutches, no other manufacturer is better than Hiliard. Since 1905, Hiliard has been a world leader in filtration technology and motion control. Furthermore, all their industrial clutches and other motion control products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified. With Hiliard, rest assured that you will get a high-grade and trusted industrial clutch that would last for a significant amount of time.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial clutches, Hiliard offers a wide array of clutches to its consumers and buyers. Here are some of the industrial clutches offered by this renowned and established supplier of clutches and other motion control devices.

Enclosed overrunning clutch

The enclosed overrunning industrial clutch is a sturdy and lasting clutch that can be used for stand-by drives, multi-speed drives, dual-source drives, and backstopping operations. This clutch is practically designed for operations involving power transmission. Unlike other types of clutch, this enclosed overrunning clutch comes with a stationary housing. Apparently, the main function of this stationary housing is to provide constant protection to the device against wash-downs and hostile environments.

Overrunning clutch

The Hiliard overrunning clutch is a flexible and proficient motion control device that comes with a wide range of functions. The most common applications of this clutch include paper processing equipment, blowers, fans, pumps, speed reducers, dry cleaning equipment, honing machines, coal feeders and ink rolls. In a nutshell, this clutch is used to transmit power between a gear and a shaft. In some cases, these clutches can be used to transmit power to pulleys sheaves, sprockets and gears.

Bi-Directional overrunning clutch

Hiliard’s Bi-Directional overrunning industrial clutch, as the name implies, is a motion control component that can be used in dual speed or dual drive applications. Obviously, this clutch was fabricated to overrun and drive in reverse and forward, which would all both drives to create a constant connection to the load. This industrial clutch is best when used in glass coating, wood pulp mills, automobile assembly plants and steel mills.

Overrunning Mechanic clutch

The Hiliard MT overrunning industrial mechanic clutch is compact clutch has easy field repair, high speed capabilities and high torque. Apparently, this clutch has Wedge Ramp technology that allows you create better bore sizes than the ones offered by other clutch manufacturers. What’s more, this clutch is quite affordable and inexpensive. In many instances, these devices are used in fans, pumps, blowers, textile machines, bakery equipment, speed reducers, honing machines, press feeders, and press ink rolls.

Why buy from Hiliard?

Hiliard is committed to solving their customer’s problems. For years, Hiliard has modified their existing products as well as develop new and sophisticated ones, in order to meet all their customer’s needs and requests.


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