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6 Major Types of Industrial Clutches and Brakes

Industrial clutches and brakes embody the general principles of classic manufacture and design. These principles include high quality, long life and superior performance. Therefore, as you shop for your own clutches and brakes, you need to ask the vendor about these features before you make a purchase.

Where possible, you should only buy from a company that has been providing superior drive train productions. The company should also prove that they continuously innovate and adapt their products to meet the stringent industry requirements.

Generally, you can choose from a variety of industrial clutches and brakes. These include:


a) The Air Cooled Clutch and Brake


This features favorable torque- to- size ratios. When you buy air- cooled clutches and brakes ensure that the disc assemblies only provide low- inertia friction. This category of clutches and brakes is designed to perform adequately in various industrial applications.


b) Caliper Disc Clutches and Brakes


The Caliper Disc brake is engineered with symmetrical split construction and opposed piston designs. This ensures that they will balance braking performance while maximizing flexibility in your industrial complex.


c) Combination Clutch and Brake Packages


Combined industrial clutches and brakes will also excel in certain specified applications. They feature a wide range of cycle types, engagements and speeds. Ensure that you buy a combination that will meet and surpass your requirements and set standards. Some good combinations include the DCB, the FSPA, the CBC and the AMCB clutches and brakes.


d) Constricting Clutches and Brakes


Drum- style constricting clutches and brakes are widely available with a unique variety of torque capacities. They also come with other features that will excel in the most demanding of jobs and applications.


e) Expanding Clutches and Brakes


These are the go- to solutions for tensioning and braking applications. They usually come in 4 different series spanning a wide range of features and sizes. Again, you may want to talk to an industrial clutch and brake specialist to choose the best expanding clutch and brake depending on your company’s needs.


f) Oil and Air and Oil Cooled Multiple Disc Clutches and Brakes


If paired with a splash, spray or through- the- shaft lubricating system, these clutches and brakes will easily manage higher- torque applications, especially when said applications feature small envelope ratios.


There are many other types of industrial clutches and brakes. To choose the right one, you need to know exactly what you need in your plant, research available options and find the combination that will best serve your business interests.

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