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Products / AquaMakks Water Cooled Clutches & Brakes

AquaMakks Water Cooled Clutches & Brakes

AquaMaKKs water cooled clutches and brakes are designed to provide accurate torque control for heavy-duty tensioning applications.

AquaMaKKs™ clutches and brakes are pneumatically or hydraulically controlled and water cooled. They consist of a series of alternating friction discs and water jackets. Torque is transmitted by applying axial force from the pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring set actuator. Copper wear plates are used for excellent heat dissipation. Models are available in 19", 25", and 36" diameter sizes. Torque ranges from 66,500 in.lb. @ 80 PSI to 1,611,000 in.lbs. @ 100 PSI.

Features include:

  • Durable air tube design with high strength reinforced neoprene air-tubes, offering longer service life
  • Water channels for balanced water flow for the highest thermal capacity
  • Long-lasting friction material with minimal wear on mating copper
  • Copper alloy wear plates enable higher heat transfer than any other metals
  • Hub spline provides perfect alignment of rotating discs
  • External air & water connections
  • Release springs ensure complete disengagement
  • Adjustment for wear is easily accomplished by removing shims without any unit disassembly
  • Unique torque pin column arrangement provides structural integrity of case
  • Open case design with covers for safe, simple, visual inspection and easy maintenance

Option packages and custom engineered AquaMaKKs models are available to meet your specific requirements

The versatile AquaMaKKs product platform can be modified to accommodate your application specifications. With AquaMaKKs, you get more than just a water cooled brake, you can get a turnkey solution. Whether you need a brake painted a preferred color, water connection kits, covers, shaft assemblies, or deck mount assemblies, Wichita will provide a custom engineered solution to meet your specific needs. Other variations include LISSB models for marine deck use, dual actuator units, and arctic packages for operating temperatures to -45°C. Call Wichita today for more information.