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Products / Control Valve Actuators

VL Motion Systems is the parent company of Drive Line Inc. VL Motion specializes in providing gearmotors to the OEM, Wholesale and End User Markets, including a variety of manual valve actuators and other actuators. From their flagship line of gearmotors to leading edge motion controls, VL Motion Systems offers excellence in product selection, customer service, competitive prices and quick deliveries. Some of the valve acuators that they carry include : hydraulic valve actuators, electric valve actuators, manual valve actuators, control valve actuators and motorized valve actuators.


Control Valve Actuators

Hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic control valve actuators direct the opening and closing of control valves. The type of actuator used for the purpose is dependent on the application. VL Motion Systems supplies a variety of advanced control valve actuators that have compact designs and high torque output, combined with efficiency and durability features.  


Electric Valve Actuators

The most common and trustworthy, electric valve actuators are chosen for their safe and quick operation capabilities. VL Motion Systems offers electric valve actuators that are physically protected from the harsh external conditions and can be supplied with explosion-proof and water-proof housing. In the case of power failure, manual operation is possible, much like the manual valve actuators. Quarter-turn electric valve actuators can also be assembled with an emergency power battery to prevent your operations from stalling.


Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Hydraulic valve actuators utilize hydraulic energy as a power source and are ideal in applications where electric power is not available. Simple in operation and reliable in performance, hydraulic valve actuators can withstand considerable production pressures. They are also versatile in producing a variety of torque ranges, which makes them suitable for a large variety of applications. VL Motion Systems features hydraulic valve actuators with compact design, simple settings, high performance factors, and low-friction operation.


Motorized Valve Actuators

Drive-Line Inc. is proud to supply you with motorized valve actuators that come with efficient gear design, aluminum die casting enclosures, visual position indication, and a manual emergency operation option. Motorized valve actuators from our parent company, VL Motion Systems, come in multi-turn and quarter-turn versions, and are available with weatherproof and explosion-proof configurations. All units are equipped with position and torque sensors that can be adjusted at any point of the setting range without any special tooling. These motorized valve actuators are available for a variety of temperatures and with a range of control options to best suit your applications.

For more information regarding VL Motion and its valve actuators, or if you have questions about our valve actuators, please download their line card or visit VL Motion at www.vlmotion.com

Hydraulic valve actuators, electric valve actuators, manual valve actuators, control valve actuators and more available here!