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Products / Gearmotors

VL Motion Systems is the parent company of Drive Line Inc. VL Motion specializes in providing gearmotors to the OEM, Wholesale and End User Markets. From their flagship line of gearmotors to leading edge motion controls, VL Motion Systems offers excellence in product selection, customer service, competitive prices and quick deliveries. Product lines includes AC or DC, small, medium and large power gearmotors, speed reducers, Binder electromagnetic brakes, Mastergear manual valve actuators and various types of motion controls.


Manual Valve Actuators


Manual gear operators from VL Motion Systems include quarter turn (90°) manual valve actuators with up to 2.5 million in-lbs torque; declutchable manual valve actuators for overriding pneumatic and hydraulic quarter turn actuators; and bevel gear actuators, capable of up to 264,000 in-lbs torque and 675,000 lbs of thrust. Manual gear actuators can also be used for chain wheels, floor stands, and custom mounting designs.

For more information regarding VL Motion, manual valve actuators, gear motors, and its other products, please download their line card or visit VL Motion at www.vlmotion.com .