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How to Select the Right Industrial Clutches and Brakes

As you shop for industrial clutches and brakes, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. For starters, clutches transfer torque through parallel or in- line shafts. Added to this, most single revolution clutches are only able to stop around 10 percent of the total load capacity. Therefore, you should get the best clutches and brakes your money can afford.

About Industrial Clutches and Brakes

Brakes and clutches typically use electromagnetic friction and wrap spring to function properly. To choose correctly, you need to check the unique specifications that make one type of clutch and brake more suitable for industrial applications.

There are different sizes available, ranging in speed and torque from 150 to over 20000 rotations per minute and 3 to 5000 lb- inc. respectively. Specifications are spread across 4 modes of operation: hold, slip, index and start. 

Types of Industrial Clutches and Brakes

You can choose any of the following as you shop for clutches and brakes to use in industrial applications:

a) Wrap- Spring Designs

These transmit torque by causing interference between the wrap- spring internal diameter and that of the output and input hubs. They excel in stopping accuracy, positive engagement, low power and torque capacity. Thus they are suited for single- revolution operation where they provide rapid- cycling capability.

b) Electromagnetic Friction Designs

Clutches and brakes in this category excel in speeds exceeding 1750 rpm, power- off and power- on braking, bidirectional rotation, soft start/ stop and random start/ stop. They are the best for motion systems requiring a soft start.

c) Specialized Designs

Specialized industrial clutches and brakes work well in applications requiring rotary- driven capability and automatic position holding. 

To choose the best industrial clutch and brake system, consult trained professionals and manufacturers. They will provide the technical assistance you need to understand how each option works. After that, you can choose the combination that works before for you.

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