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High Torque Spring Applied Multiple Disc Electric Brakes
Floating discs for minimal torque transmission in the disengaged model
Available in multiple voltages
Spring set/electrically released for stopping, positioning and holding
Available for wet or dry applications
Available with or without manual release
Highest torque in the smallest space
Torque from less than 10 lb. ft. to over 6000 lb. ft.

MAXITORQ® Model HTB brakes are spring applied, multiple disc electric brakes designed to bring a cost effective solution where exceptionally high torque in an extremely small package is required. The modular design, with optional debris cover and/or manual release, provides an “off the shelf” solution to your braking needs. Additional features include minimal power consumption to disengage the brake, reduced engagement/disengagement times and low drag torque.

The HTB brake is released (disengaged) when power is applied to the brake coil. Braking torque is applied when the power to the brake coil is removed. Extremely fast engagement/disengagement times are achieved when used in conjunction with a standard Carlyle Johnson Model CEC power supply.

The HTB brake incorporates a unique MAXITORQ® separator spring design, which ensures separation of the rotating friction discs when disengaged. This virtually eliminates parasitic drag, which is detrimental to brake life and assists in reducing brake disengagement times.