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Products / Industrial Hydraulic Brakes and Clutches / Series 621,622,623,624

Industrial hydraulic brakes and clutch series 6.21, 6.22, 6.23, and 6.24 from Goizper come in both conventional and progressive configurations. Series 6.21 and 6.22 feature mounting on the shaft by keys and oil inlet through the shaft. Series 6.23 and 6.24 employ mounting on the shaft by keys and oil inlet through the hub.

Applications for these series include:

  • Presses for metal forming, stamping, embossing and drawing, canning, automobile bodies, shears and die cutters
  • Transmissions for machinery and vehicles, marine engineering, stationary and mobile cranes, and multi-motor drives
  • Industrial hydraulic brakes for drive motors of excavator wheels, cranes, winches, and agricultural tractors
  • Safety brakes for machine tools and servo-presses, and all kind of hydraulically driven machines

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