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Model LKT Clutch/Brakes

The Model LKT clutch or brake contains identical features to the Model LK units with the exception being the cylinder piston arrangement. Whereas the Model LK unit has a full cylinder covering its entire outboard end, the Model LKT has a doughnut type cylinder which allows it to be mounted in a through-shaft arrangement as an air set brake. The design incorporates an extremely low driven inertia and the quickest response with minimal air consumption of any clutch or brake available. It is particularly suited to those applications requiring frequent cycling and long life such as is found in metalforming or indexing applications. Whether the application is in metalforming, oilfield machinery, cranes, shovels, paper machinery or marine equipment, the LKT low inertia design is an ideal choice for through shaft mounting arrangements as an air set brake or end of shaft mounting as a clutch.

Torque capacities range from 26,000 to over 775,000 pound-inches.