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Products / MDP Modules for Industrial Clutches and Brakes

Disc Pac Modules (MDP)

  • The MAXITORQ® Multiple Disc Pac will allow you to assemble industrial clutches and brakes to your own specifications
  • Simplicity of design offers high versatility
  • Compact and self contained
  • Available in 8 standard disc diameters
  • Completely assembled
  • Separator springs assure a drag-free neutral
  • Standard lugs configurations vary from 3 to 12 lugs, depending on torque rating; splines are also available
  • No special tools required for installation or maintenance
  • Disc design and finish ensure maximum wear-ability and smooth engagement
  • Can be run dry or in oil
  • Economical standard driving cups and flange cups are available
  • Torque range 5 lb. ft.- 2,000 lb. ft.

The MAXITORQ® Disc Pacs can be used with air, hydraulic, electric or manually operated industrial clutches and brakes. The Disc Pac keys to a shaft and is available in eight sizes from 2" to 8" diameter with over 100 variations. The static torque averages from 4 lb. ft. to 2000 lb. ft.  All assembly, disassembly and adjustments are manual. No special tools are required. Standard ring cups and flange driving cups are available if desired. The Disc Pac can be used as a multiple disc clutch or brake, an overload release clutch or a torque-limiting device.