MMS & MMD Industrial Mechanical Clutches or Brakes

Multiple Disc Industrial Mechanical Clutches or Brakes (MMS & MMD) feature:

The MAXITORQ® Multiple Disc industrial mechanical clutches and brakes provide 3 to 6 times the torque produced by single disc clutches and brakes of the same package size, making them the ideal solution for high torque, limited space requirements. The clutch disc features a bronze or steel friction surface for added life, superior consistency for indexing, and excellent torque transmitting characteristics. The units are completely assembled and shipped, ready to be slipped onto a shaft.

Separator springs are used between each pair of inner discs. These separator springs provide the advantage of truly floating discs, which ensures that there is negligible drag, no abrasion and consequently no heat generated when the clutch is in neutral. A locking plate on the disc end of each unit locks all discs against compression by the lever system. Manual adjustment is made by temporarily loosening the lock screw on the split type adjusting ring, then turning the ring to give the desired shifting pressure. Only a hex key wrench is required for this adjustment.