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As you shop for industrial clutches and brakes, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. For starters, clutches transfer torque through parallel or in- line shafts. Added to this, most single revolution clutches are only able to stop around 10 percent of the total load capacity. Therefore, you should get the best clutches and brakes your money can afford.
The industrial brake and clutch are used in transmissions to ease shifting and prolong the transmission life in virtually all applications which make use of non-synchronized transmissions. This includes everything from the heavy industrial applications to sport bikes and diesel trucks.
An industrial clutch is a frictional component whose main function is to intermittently transmit power. Basically, this frictional device is used to pair and disconnect two different entities of rotation.
Motorized valve actuators are devices that can be used in many industrial applications, such as water management, chemical plants, and oil refineries. In some cases, these devices are in construction ventures as well as deep mining.