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The Industrial Brake and Clutch

The industrial brake and clutch are used in transmissions to ease shifting and prolong the transmission life in virtually all applications which make use of non-synchronized transmissions. This includes everything from the heavy industrial applications to sport bikes and diesel trucks. There is a broad range of industrial brakes available in the market including hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic as well as spring applied fail safe designs. Quality clutches are designed to offer high torque, fast response times and no slippage. They are supplied to various industries including aerospace, automotive, food, packaging, chemical, energy, oil, mining, renewable and wind industry applications.

Some of the selections of industrial brake and clutch equipment available in the market include gearmotor brakes, overload clutches and washdown brakes. The overrunning backstop clutch system can prevent reversing or run back of the conveyor systems through disengaging the driveshaft. You can choose from the standard, custom and modified designs according to your unique requirements. Non-synchronized transmissions have the ability to handle more power than the standard ones and so they are used on racing oriented applications. Look for a brake and clutch system that embodies the principles of classic designs: high quality, superior performance and durability. 

Well-known manufacturers do produce such high quality products and so you might consider buying brake and clutch units from them. This is because they continually adapt and innovate their products to meet the industry requirements. It is advisable to inspect the condition, performance and maintenance of any electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic industrial brake and clutch units. The industrial brake and clutch mounting system should offer stable anchoring for the power sources of such systems as overload clutches and washdown brakes. Get the breaks and clutches that you need and that will best suit your transmission system needs. This will vary in terms of size in diameter and torque capacities. You should make sure that you also purchase hydraulics and controls for use along with the brakes and clutches.

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