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Products / TL1, TL2 & TL3

Multiple Disc Mechanical Torque Limiters (TL1, TL2 & TL3)

  • High torque in a small size
  • Sustains torque level
  • Durable
  • Predictable dynamic and static torque
  • Easily adjustable over a wide range
  • Superior adjustment retention
  • Designed for easy rebuilt with no special tools required
  • Torque range 5 lb. ft.- 2000 lb. ft.

MAXITORQ® torque limiters provides protection against overloads while sustaining torque so that shutdown and restart is not required. Acting like a torsion shock absorber to permit “slip” if the torque exceeds an adjustable pre-set level, these units are used in any application where obstructions can cause overloads or where production is sensitive to over tensioning.

Depending on  size, the torque limiters are adjustable over a wide torque range from 1lb.ft. to 1500 lb. ft. Small space-saver sizes from 2 3/16" to 8 5/8" O.D., and high torque potential make them the best possible choice for machine tools, conveyor systems, off-highway mobile equipment or any other application where obstructions can cause temporary overloads or where over- tensioning is a problem, as in textile or paper mills. Torque limiters can be pre-set to transmit torque constantly regardless of the speed of the drive mechanism. When a jam occurs, the torque limiter will slip but the torque level is accurately sustained.