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  • The BSAB 50 is an active brake where oil pressure needs to be applied - in order to brake.
    There are no springs in this kind of caliper.


    The BSAB brakes are multi piston Dual-Action brakes with integrated and fixed pad holders.


    It is available with both side and rear mount.



    BSAB 50-1XX (side mount)

    Product Sheet
    BSAB 50-1xx side mount M24

    Technical Drawing
    BSAB 50-104 side mount



    BSAB 50-2XX (rear mount)

    Product Sheet
    BSAB 50-X-2xx rear mount


    Technical Drawing
    BSAB 50-S-201 rear mount M12
    BSAB 50-S-202 rear mount ½" UNC



    Common applications for the BSAB brakes are:


    • Wind

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