Drive Line Repair and Refurbish Center


DRIVE-LINE INC. has a team of engineers and technicians to repair your existing clutches and brakes

and refurbish old ones to match industry standards. 


We are also the exclusive repair and rebuilding center for Twiflex in Canada.


Why Repair?


Transmission and control devices have to endure constant pressure and thus suffer from wear and tear over time. Brand new systems are not completely worry-free either, and can also suffer from accidental damages. Replacement in such situations may not always be the best option as it requires additional costs. In case of rare items, delivery might also take longer than repairing the damage. Drive-Line Inc. offers efficient repair and refurbishment options to ensure that you are back in business with minimal downtime. 

Our Process


At Drive-Line Inc., we recognize the importance of your transmission and motion control devices being in ideal working condition. When you bring the brake systems to us for repair, our technicians will conduct a detailed inspection to determine the extent of reparations required. They will provide you with an assessment and quote, as well as alternative replacement solutions in case you would rather opt for a substitution. When you choose to opt for the repair, our technicians will conduct the necessary amendments and testing to the brake system to make sure it performs like new. Contact us today for your assessment and quote. 



Drive Line Inc. has partnered with manufacturers who share our commitment to high quality and reliability. You can browse by product categories or select one of the brands to browse the product lines available from them. 

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Drive-Line Inc. is proud to have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of industrial clutches and brakes to deliver you the most advanced motion control solutions available on today’s market.