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    Double C Face Brakes

    KEB Double C-Face brakes allow a failsafe spring-set brake to be easily added to a standard NEMA C-Face motor. This is ideal for retrofit applications or when a modular solution with a separate brake is desired. Graduated torque ratings are offered from 56C to 256TC frame sizes.


    Easily add a power-off brake to standard NEMA C-Face motors. From 56C to 256TC frame sizes. Up to 110 lbs.ft.


    Self-contained design with integrated bearing supports and NEMA input/output flanges


    Various coil voltages including 12VDC, 24VDC, 105VDC, and 205VDC coils. AC rectifier can be included for 230VAC and 460VAC installations.


    NEMA 4X design (using suggested sealing methods). Optional features like nickel plated shafts and corrosive resistant paint treatment.


    Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically (large breaks may require a mounting kit – discuss with a KEB engineer for vertical mount applications).

    • DC Coil Voltage: 12, 24, 48, 105, 205 VCD Standard (Custom upon request)
    • Duty: 100% on
    • Insulation Class: B as standard (F & H available as an option)


    • Type: Spring-set, electrically released
    • Torque Range: 3 to 75 lbft


    • Protection: NEMA 4 with proper sealing


    Locking hand release option


    Low power heater reduces condensation build-up for applications in a humid environment


    A microswitch can verify the brake state and be fed back to a control


    Locking Hand Release: The hand release can be locked in the open position. This allows for hands-free maintenance.

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