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  • Our electrical/flexible two-in-one clutch/coupling combinations combine the excellent damping properties of flexible couplings with the most diverse clutches. Experienced designers select from the most diverse range of clutch/coupling combinations in our extensive portfolio and can therefore always provide you with the correct solution for your application.

    • Torque range 700-14,000 Nm
    • Housing connection from SAE 2 to SAE 00
    • Flywheel connection 11.5-24"
    • Combination bearing supported in the housing
    • Backlash-free clutch
    • Without residual torque
    • Closed when energised, open when deenergised
    • Flexible adjustments to customer requirements
    • Combined products for innovative solutions
    • Combined clutch/coupling for max utilisation of mounting space

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    Drive-Line Inc. is proud to have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of industrial clutches and brakes to deliver you the most advanced motion control solutions available on today’s market.