EMA Industrial Clutches and Brakes

Multiple Disc Electric Clutches or Brakes (EMA)

MAXITORQ®   EMA Industrial Clutches and Brakes deliver 3 to 6 times the torque of single disc electric clutches of the same package size. They provide superior performance and reliability for critical applications. The MAXITORQ®  multiple disc electric clutch design is simple and rugged. The coil housing, supported on dual ball bearings, is held stationary and is kept from rotating with an anti-rotation fitting. Unlike most other industrial clutches and brakes, the MAXITORQ® magnetic flux design does not place any clamping force on the bearings. The result is a longer bearing life due to minimal loading forces.

Our "through-the-disc" magnetic flux path provides maximum torque transfer, automatic wear compensation, and consistent performance throughout the life of the clutch. These industrial clutches and brakes can run dry or in oil, for additional heat dissipation and extended disc life.

Carlyle Johnson electric clutches and brakes provide high reliability for critical military applications, as in the U.S. Army's new fighting vehicles, winch mechanisms aboard rescue helicopters, cooling pump drives, bomb hoists, and aircraft deicing equipment.