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    FEB Industrial Brakes and Clutches

    Multiple Disc Spring Set Industrial Brakes and Clutches (FEB) have several features that make them stand out:

    • Highest torque in the smallest space
    • Multiple disc friction surfaces
    • Low inertia
    • Fast, reliable, positive braking action
    • Power off design (spring applied, electrically released)
    • Drag free neutral regardless of brake orientation
    • Universal floating hub for interior or exterior shaft attachment
    • Low backlash and zero backlash models available
    • Available with optional cover for harsh environments

    The standard line of spring applied, multiple disc, electric industrial brakes is designed for use as holding brakes, medium duty starting and stopping brakes, and for emergency stopping. Braking torque is applied when the electrical power is removed from the brake coil. This can occur intentionally or when there is a power failure. Removing power from the brake coil releases the compression springs, which clamp the MAXITORQ® multiple friction discs between the brake armature and the stationary end plate, resulting in a constant holding force. This provides braking torque to the hub and shaft through the friction discs. To release the brake, power is applied to the coil, producing a magnetic field that pulls the armature against the coil springs and away from the friction discs. Braking torque is now removed and the brake is free to rotate. The multiple discs are uniformly spaced by a unique MAXITORQ® separator spring design, which ensures separation of the rotating friction discs when disengaged, regardless of the orientation of the brake. This virtually eliminates parasitic drag, which is detrimental to brake life. Our optimal flux path design minimizes flux leakage between the armature and the friction discs.

    Typical applications include medical diagnostic equipment, parts handling equipment, holding industrial brakes in servo drives and robotic mechanisms, emergency stopping brakes on power generation equipment and parking brakes on mobile and military equipment. We offer custom industrial brakes with torque capabilities up to 3200 lb. ft. A significant portion of Carlyle Johnson's production is directed to user-specific requirements, including application of FEB brakes for frequent, high energy stops, extremely fast or slow braking and extremely low power consumption.

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