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    Industrial Brake and Clutch Systems / Series 5.6

    Series 5.6 corresponds to an industrial brake and clutch system with double disc on the clutch side, in order to get a lower inertia. Its external covers and hubs are made of electro-welded steel. The 5.6 series is similar to 5.5 but have a double disc on both sides, improving the torque-inertia rate.

    Series 5.6 industrial brake and clutch assemblies include:

    • Mounting between frame and flywheel by means of 4 pins at 90° on the clutch side and 4 pins at 90° on the brake side, all along the same diameter
    • Mounting at shaft and by means of 4 pins at 90° on the clutch side and 2 pins connected to double discs on brake side, along different diameters

    The Goizper pneumatic industrial brake and clutch combinations are used in the following applications: Metalforming Presses, Shears, Die Cutters, Forming Machines, and Can Body Makers. We have added technical information to assist you in your selection.

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