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    Permanent Magnet Brakes

    KEB's P1 permanent magnet brakes provide backlash free power-off braking in a very compact package. P1 brakes utilize powerful neodymium permanent magnets which provide excellent torque density. The P1 series has been optimized to provide the highest torque-to-diameter ratio and is ideal for servo motor and robotic joint applications.


    2nd Generation Design – Best-in-class torque density made possible by using powerful rare earth magnets and optimally designed magnetic layout.


    The brake’s small footprint is ideal for robotic arm, medical, and servo motor applications


    Designed to operate across a wide temperature range.


    Backlash free operation for precision applications – Armature and hub are riveted together


    Class F insulation as standard (H is available upon request)


    KEB permanent magnet brakes have unlimited ON time and are designed for 100% duty.

    • DC Coil Voltage: 12, 24, 48, 105, 205 VCD Standard (Custom upon request)
    • Duty: 100% on
    • Insulation Class: F is standard (H upon request)


    • Type: Permanent magnet set, electrically released
    • Torque Range: 0.35 to 130 Nm


    CSA on Standard product


    • Protection Type: Dry Operation
    • Operating Temperature: -15 … 100° C




    KEB clutches can be supplied with crimped leadwires or with customer-specified connectors.


    Brakes can be supplied with a flange per the customer’s specification.


    P1 brakes can be supplied without a hub, hub to the inside to minimize footprint, or hub to the outside for easier installation.

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