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    Power On Clutch

    COMBINORM electromechanical clutches provide clutch engagement when electrically powered. KEB clutches provide a means to connect primary (driver) and secondary shafts.


    KEB can install a bearing supported pulley or prepare for customer assembly.


    The KEB tooth clutch offers 3x the amount of torque in the same footprint. The tooth clutch can be used in wet and dry applications but requires engagement at zero speed.



    KEB’s COMBIBOX product is offered with an enclosed clutch option – the clutch components are protected from contaminants and moisture.


    KEB offers special coil voltage, special connector and special design feature.

    • DC Coil Voltage: Definable (24V, 105V, & 205V standard)
    • Duty: 100% on
    • Insulation Class: B (F available as option)


    • Size Range: 0.5Nm to 1000Nm
    • Type: Dry operation (wet operation for tooth clutch only)
    • Mounting Types: Flange, shaft


    CSA on Standard product


    • Protection Type: IP20 standard (IP44 or IP65 enclosed optional)




    KEB offers a number of different clutch options for flange and shaft-mount configurations.


    KEB clutches can be supplied with crimped leadwires or with customer-specified connectors


    Enclosed Version
    KEB’s COMBIBOX product can enclose your clutch for higher protection of IP44 (IP65 on request), wash down, or oil tight depending on your applications needs.

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