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Some of the Many Applications of an Industrial Disc Brake System

The use of a brake in the power transmission system is to stop or hold a load which is often somehow related to productivity or safety. They are used to increase cycle rates, control vehicle deceleration as well as provide accurate positioning. There are two main categories of brakes:  internal braking and external braking. Internal brakes cannot be used as a hold function so they are only for stopping. External braking devices, on the other hand, include the friction brakes that come in three main forms – disc with caliper and plate, shoe or band. The most popular and usually the best forming is the industrial disc brake system which is available in plate and caliper type.

The plastic-type disc brakes

The plastic type disc brakes have a stationary disc that is also called as a pressure plate and a rotating disc. These are connected to the load. To have an affect on a stop, the pressure plate is pressed against the face of the rotating disc. These types of brakes have a lower thermal capacity per unit of torque – especially when we compare them to the caliper disc brake system. They are, however, more suitable for multiple disc application which is also thought of as the most effective form of braking.

The caliper industrial disc brake system

This type of braking system is primarily used on aircrafts and automobiles. This kind of brake consists of a rotor that is connected to the load. When it has friction pads on either side of the rotor, it stops the rotor by gripping it from both sides. The caliper disc brake is less susceptible to fading due to the fact that heat can easily be dissipated through the disc that has high thermal capacity per unit of torque.

Applications of the industrial disc brake system

The industrial brake system is ideal for large belt conveyor systems, for hoists and travel drives in container cranes, bucket wheel excavators, stackers and reclaimers. It can be applied to heavy duty operation and coasting for service or emergency stop brakes.

Industrial disc brake systems are used in non-hazardous locations like factories and outdoors. Keep in mind that the motor can be protected against the entry of solid objects with standard enclosures. Enclosures are commonly used in an open drip-proof or enclosed motors operating indoor or in protected environments so as to prevent

  • Accidental contact with the enclosed electrical connections and moving components of the disc brake
  • Falling dirt
  • Fallings liquids
  • Dust, lint and fibers

Performance features of the industrial disc brake system

  • Fail-safe design
  • Compact, utilized construction
  • Simple to install
  • Adaptable to complex control systems
  • Low moments of inertia
  • Adjustable torque
  • Adds no heat to the motor
  • Reacts fast without any residual drag
  • Easy to maintain

Industrial disc brake systems for demanding applications

  • Ship propeller shaft
  • Windmills
  • Crane emergency stopping system
  • Machine emergency stopping
  • General stopping, holding and tensioning applications



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